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About Us

History of Outback Flashlights LLC

OUR START: Outback Flashlights LLC was established in 2006 by Brent Kidman, Lynzi Coffey and Wayne Stewart after recognizing an opportunity to introduce custom design flashlights through displays placed next to cash registers at the point of sale. Initial customers were gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, gift shops and other high traffic retail outlets. Soon after we started we recognized an opportunity to provide custom engraving on the flashlights so we purchased a YAG laser and began customizing the lights with company logo’s and other marks that can be used for giveaway’s and brand building. The custom engraving allowed us to expand our market to include non-retail customers such as Novell, Murdock Travel, CSX Railroad and many others.

In 2008 we launched a line of large, high powered flashlights for more traditional retail customers introducing the Big Stick, Mongo, Force and Joey. We expanded our market to include electrical, plumbing and construction wholesale supply outlets. The large lights also appealed to First Responders opening markets with police, fire fighters, search and rescue, and community emergency response teams.

We continue to innovate and improve our line regularly. In the Spring of 2012, we introduced six new lights and have several in the works for the second half of the year.

OUR CULTURE: Outback is a privately held company owned by three people who believe in the importance of honesty, fairness, continual improvement, and most importantly – family. The three owners have complimentary skill sets that provided a strong opportunity for success on startup. Brent Kidman brought a strong sales background, product innovation and experience in working with overseas manufacturers; he speaks mandarin Chinese. Lynzi Coffey has a keen eye for design and was the driving force behind the popular look of the lights and marketing themes. Lynzi is also a skilled manager who now manages the office including human resources and our accounting systems. Wayne Stewart’s background in operations and financial management completed the skill sets needed to provide a successful launch. Today Wayne is the President and CEO overseeing the company’s growth.

OUR FOCUS: Our focus is LED personal lighting products including, flashlights, headlamps, tent lights, and other types of battery run portable, small lighting devices. The majority of our sales are in the flashlight category but we continue innovate and look for new opportunities and markets.

OUR FUTURE: We are building a brand that will be recognized across the country and around the world. Our belief is that if we build a good, solid, reliable product backed with an unparalleled warranty at competitive prices buyers will go with the name they trust. So far it has worked.

Why Choose Outback Flashlights?

CONSTANT INNOVATION – We listen to our customers suggestions and look for new ideas continually. Our best lights have come from ideas shared with us by customers. We are avid flashlight lovers too and are always trying to find better ways to ‘light up our territory.’

RELIABILITY – We open every light here in our Utah warehouse to check the quality before shipping to our customers. We offer an unparalleled warranty because we design the flashlights, oversee the production, and do our own quality checks on every light. You can rely on any of our lights.

CUSTOMIZATION – We customize flashlights with either laser engraving of our new pad printing option. We can create a custom order with company logos, event mementos, personalized gifts, or travel destination applications.

PEOPLE – Our people love what they do. They know our products, they know the industry and they know their customers. If you have a question they’ll get you an answer. You will find a company directory on the next page.